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Viscose Glove Bundle

Viscose Glove Bundle

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This bundle contains:

1 x Hammam Glove

1x Dynasty Dust 180g


Hammam Glove 

Glow like a Goddess with the Bella Skiin Hammam Glove. Our luxe glove is made with delicate micro threads, and is powerfully woven into a magical texture, giving our glove a unique ability to peel away dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. 

Dynasty Dust 

This rare and magical healing clay is delicately derived from the enchanted mountains of Morocco, from secret locations that very few locals know of. The clay is then air dried in the desert to create “Dynasty Dust”. It is believed that the Moroccan desert breeze gives the clay it’s powerful healing powers.


Please Note: Results may vary with different skin types. Exfoliation will still occur regardless of how much skin has visibly been removed.

Remember to step out the water to use the gloves as friction of the skin will be needed to create peeling.

The gloves will work better when applied to the skin using the palm of your hand, and long firm strokes. 

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